Wanna be Yours

I am melting away while the world turns astray

I think of what we have done, and find myself wrong

I look for alternatives,

But we only see expletives.

I am taking on someone I do not understand

I wear. Mask.

Tell me, just tell…

Before I hide you away


I Write

So I write and I fight
Against my demons.
They uprise with might
Against their creator.
My worries deepen but I am a beacon
Of hope and light.
Tis the time of the season for reason
And with might I will smite.
For I am king among the unseen.
Hear my battle cry as I ride
Through the heavens with weapons,
Made only for writers and deciphers,
Of the constellations of our imaginations.
As I arise I feel the pride
Of victory amongst those who oppose me.


Yes you do know me
I am like amphetamine.
snort me up or chalk me,
either way you’ll bark up the wrong tree.

You seem silly,
inexperienced yet inked,
must be the water,
or that you barf in the sink.

Either way you’re drug,
you smile and you shrug,
you wait for reciprocation
while under the rug.

And it all goes six feet under when you flush,
you then trip and trap
smoke a cig and toss,
but you still swallow the slush.

I Can Dig It

I had the world on my shoulders,
but I feel so light.
I fly out of sight.

I used to be bound,
but I am so free.
As you can see.

I used to be cursed,
but look at me now.
I’m high browed.

I knew so few
but check this out.
I’m fly without a doubt.

I used to be yours,
but now I’ve split.
I can dig it.

I can dig it…

At the Bar

Sitting by the bar
I can see her from afar
her smile fades away
and her eyes tear up.

I wonder to myself
what could cause that stare
and I wonder
what she is feeling.

I know I know
what she’s going through
I’ve been there before
not so long ago

I feel that prick in my chest
and mind wonders
I know I know
I’ve been there before

Wayward Son

I’ve done it all,
Been through thick and mudd
It’s all been fun.

Catch me outside,
Or on the fly,
I have no alibi.

I do what I want,
I Fly among stars,
Might even start a war.

You can’t see me,
I am invisible…

And if you listen with care,
If you dare,
You might catch a stare.

At the Bar

I am fading away
And the music makes my day.
I take a swig, this song I dig
The jukebox rolls splendid.

Just two more dollars for that one
That song that makes me undone
Quarters till 3 I feel free
And before the end, I cannot see

My life is blurry
Everything I did, I did in a hurry
Even you, five tops
Didn’t even sob

It’s cool I can drive
Shit, I am already there before I arrive.


I knew it,
But why didn’t it hit me before.
After all these times
It was me who was at war.

At war with everyone,
Even with myself,
Because when anyone showed interest
I always showed them the door.

I hate myself
I hate myself
I hate everyone

I hate the world
For making me insecure

I hate you
And you

I despise you
For not being true.
And for everything you put me through.

And in the end you just walked away.
You didn’t even say good bye,
Because you knew deep inside
There was no knowing why,

I was who I was
A shadow of former self,
And idea at best.

But let it be known to all those,
Those who can read
And listen to the words that I speak.

That I tried and tried
Often so hard that my soul almost cried
But in the end I always knew,
It was I born miscontrued.


She came out of nowhere
And laid on my bed.
Like a sweet caramel
That had never been made.

We caressed,
Shared tender lips,
Spoke of things while our minds
And bodies became indefinite.

I reached into her,
And kissed her neck.
She arched backed
Into a new recknoning.

It would eventually end
But not without stare,
She’d turn around and dive
Away from my dream into thin air.

As she went off
I could see
A large dragon tattoo
On her caramel skin.