I love her

Man, shes so on the deal.
She got work on the real.
And I can’t fucken believe
That I couldn’t make a deal.

And now I am stuck,
Duck and sweal,
Because I can’t win this deal.
She’s got her own career.

I love her still,
Yeah, I am man child
I am scared to deal.

So she washes away,
Fade to still.


Back Again

I had drifted for eternities,
And found myself here again,
Drifting away in my couch.

I thought I had seen it all,
But I was wrong.
I was afraid it’d be the same.

Yet now I am drenched in guilt,
And swallowing pills…

But I awake and am not the same.
And even if I can’t ever get back in the game,
I will not be to blame.

Past Memory

Life, come closer.
I have been waiting…
For so long.
I don’t care anymore why’d you left.

It’s been so empty in here.
Can’t you feel?

You still remind me,
Of when my thoughts were clear.
And eventhough I am dying…
I want you here.

You know it’s been so long,
And everything you said became real.

You knew me from top to bottom. Inside and out.
And yet… I only feel fear.

Her Name Is Hope

I’ve heard so many stories about you.
About how you came and saved the world.
How you transformed into more than just a face.
About how just like me, you fell from grace.

But you’ve slowly recovered.
Picked up the pieces and carried on.
Throughout life you’ve left a mark.
One that was tattoed beyond the skin.

And so you’ve gotten up so many times.
And every one was etched in your heart.
You’ve given so much for so less.
It didn’t matter, you could always pick up the mess.

I’ve looked for you within my dreams,
Hoping that day you’d do the same for me.
And even though I’ve spent so many nights at home,
I still believe one day I won’t…be alone.

Endless Nights

How can I make things right,
When I’ve already given up the fight?
The thought of you keeps lingering
In the back of my mind.
How am I supposed to change,
When everything just turns to dust?

I look out the window and see the sun,
Rising above it all, without a care for the world.
And after all the things you said, I still did what I was told.
So how am I supposed to fly,
When my feet are grounded to the floor?

And even though I dwell in darkness,
I still look up to the sky.
I navigate the cosmos…
During these endless nights.

In My Room

I feel so stuck.
Could be my luck,
But this room has me locked up.

I sometimes look out the window…
Just to see the stars,
But they shine so bright.

Maybe I could be more than just a thing.
Something someday, maybe,
Or just a fling.

But then I see the light.
It shines on through the curtains.
And then sit back in my chair…

The TV flickers,
It has no signal.
Must be my luck.

Everything seems so extravagant,
So different…
Looking out through the window.


I always wanted to run,
Just wanted to leave.
My problems had become a burden,
And a new world, I wanted to see.

But to my dismay,
To my disbelief,
The grass wasn’t greener,
It was just as deceased.

And I wondered,
Upon many nights, of the skies I thought,
What was the purpose, what was reason,
That myself, I constantly fought.

And now I sense,
And truly feel,
That the beauty of life,
Was during the trials when I most felt real .

Ma Best Friend

Let me tell you ’bout my best friend.
Shes so cold, but so frothy.
And shes always around,
Just there to be found.

Let me tell you…
She’s all that I’ve wanted,
All that I’ve got.

She never cheats on me,
Cause she’s so sweet.
All I need is just a kiss of her lips
And off I go, sipping through time
In and endless voyage of fun.

Let me tell ya ’bout my best friend…

— Mad Villain


After the fire there’s the aftermath.
After consumption there’s else to be had
Because after the strife
There’s a spark of new life
And no matter how hard you fall
You always get up for the fight.

And you get up broken and bruised
But soon realize that you’re well and alive
And now that you’ve fallen you have to strike back.
Because when life comes at you as hard as it can,
You can readily counter attack
And stand against it without turning back.

After the chaos there is always rebirth.
And from you’re inner turmoil you’re always reborn.
So whenever you’re tired and stressed,
Whenever you’re fragile and depressed,
Seek out the warrior in you
And face all your fears to end the war soon.


Already Dead

It took me so long to find out
That after all that bout,
I was already dead.
I was finished,
I was done,
But for some reason I was still loud.

Kept lying,
And on old habits relying,
As if for some miracle I’d be still,
The same old fool ill,
But in the end we all know the drill.

We can’t deny that I am dead,
Even if I dropped and faked.
I was so colorful on the outside
When in the side I was all gray.