I… seem to keep falling down.
And in the time that I got up,
Seems that you made yourself gone.

And so I keep on falling,
Deeper and deeper.

I sometimes reach for the branch,
Up top, could help me up…
No, I’m not ready for the launch.

And so I keep swimming,
In my own doubt…


— jiq


To The Beat

It’s late at night
And it’s time to start the party.
I’ve just got this feelin’…
You know it’s time to get down.

You know there ain’t anybody
With whom I’d rather be.

As I move in closer…
In sequence to the beat.
You start to feel the motion,
That growing body heat.

You draw me in closer
And whisper something in my ear.

I keep on moving,
You know I’m quick on my feet.
I wrap my arms around you
And finally feel complete.

–Hugo, E.


​Don’t mind me girl,
I’m just chillin’.
And if you wonder why I’m grinnin’.
It’s because of you I’m thinking.


I can only imagine I’m grillin’.
Out at the park barbecuein’.
And into those thick thighs be chewing
Oh man, so illin’.

So fresh, so nice, so thick.
I think this meats needs a prick.
And then I’d watch them juices flow,
Just let them drip low, low.

So pass me the hanker chief.
Not because I’m done but because I’m getting more of this.
And his time I’m going in deep,
Just enough to know you’re coming but ain’t a creep.

— Mad Villain


In the darkest of days,
In the absence of light,
You must find within yourself
A strong desire to fight.

Life isn’t easy.
Believe me it’s hard,
But only you can garnish resolve.

It won’t give in, it’ll try to get you.
It’ll try to bring you down.
Just remember who you are and know your worth.
Because in the end that’s we’re fighting for.

Death often seems easy and plausible.
But keep in mind it is selfish,
And for that you’ll be responsible.

So get back up on your feet and raise your fists.
It might bloody but never give in.


Night Call

I want to buy you pizza
But you say I’m just a friend.
Now I want to go dark…
But don’t be afraid.

I know I smell of peanut butter,
And sometimes like fish.
So I’ll take you on a night ride
And go up the hills.

Everyone is talking about you,
That you like to complain.
I’d say there’s something new about you,
But you still smell the same.

I’ll just be honest,
And say you’ve got no game.

There is something I want to say.
Something that you may not want to hear.
Just pull my finger…
And I’ll just fade.

— Mad Villain

One More Time

When the lights go out
And the night comes crashing through.
The only thoughts in my head…
Will be of you.

As the breeze passes on by,
Covering that face I call mine.
I’ll gaze into those eyes
And lose myself.

And the as the Moon looks down on us,
Probably wondering what is true love,
We’ll be there in plain sight
Dancing the night away like a pair of doves.

There in mid dance, I stop for a moment’s glance
And once again lose myself in those two hidden worlds
Only to ask myself if before I died…
Could I relieve this moment one more time.

— Hugo E.


It’s raining hard outside.
And I’m just sitting here… in the dark
All alone, thinking of what is out there.
The drizzle calls for me, but I can’t go.
No, no I just won’t go.

The light flickers in the living room.
It’s dead in this empty house
And I’m the only one close to a human being.
It’s getting colder now
Because I have nothing to do.

I am bored and there’s nothing I want more
Than to just stare out the window.

I am unsure what my mind’s trying to conjure
But these images come out from the blue. And yet I have nothing to do…
With what troubles you.


I should tell you I learned to fly again.
You should see how far I can go now.
I know… things will never be the same
And I’m unreachable.

I once caught a fleeing glimpse of you
Lost… was it something that I said?
Nothing can prepare you for what’s to come.
Pain is just a silly thing…

I just came back to say goodbye.
It’s the least that I could do
For there was a fire once within you.
Hush, they are here for me now.

I should hurry home.
I have so much to do
And time keeps passing by
Just… like you


Just leave

I’m not gonna stop you if you leave.
Don’t think of coming back
There is nothing left here for you.
Don’t… Think you can undo…
Everything we’ve been through.

Go, I don’t want you to stay.
After all it was about getting your way..

Don’t even worry…about me.
I’ll be fine, you know I’m worry free.

When we were together we had each other’s protection
But now you’re gone…
We have no longer have each other’s affection.

Just go, and leave me.
You know that mutual feeling…
You know it’s meaning…and
Yet, you’ve made your decision.

Go and just leave,
It’s all the same to me.

–Hugo E.

Come Into Sense

If you could see what I see,
You’d end up like me
Trapped, in a dark sea.

If you hear what I hear,
Most likely you too would be a seer.
And dwell with the divine, the upper tier.

But if you could feel what I feel,
You’d feel weak and would probably kneel.
Because the pain that resides is more than surreal.

And if you could think like I could,
You’d know that I would
Fight against injustice like everyone should.

If you could taste what I taste,
The sweets you most would embrace
Since the bitterness overpowers when you’re out of place.

And after it all you’d not what to smell
This fiery carnage sent straight from hell.
One whiff of it and your soul from it’s shell would dispel.