Orange Blossom

I always hated the fact that we had to move around so much from place to place just because of my dad’s job. Just as fast as I would become the center of attention at school, being in the popular group, I would quickly have to leave all of that behind at a moment’s notice. It had become routine, yet I still couldn’t get used to it. Because my dad’s company believed that he could possibly be the only to resurrect a broken project that cost them millions, they decided to transfer him to Orange Blossom, in charge of bringing back to efficiency an old profitable production and distribution center.

My father was the best at what he did. I never really asked him what exactly he did at his job, but he was good at it. Marketing, consultant or management? I had no idea, all I knew was that he made a lot of money doing what he did best, and that always gave me an edge at school.

The company took care of all the relocating costs and small details. Two days after we traveled via plane, I was already expected to attend school. They had even done all the paper work for my transfer between schools. I was a bit glad that my dad had such a wonderful job. I often wonder what my life would have been without it.

Having to wait for the moving company to relocate my car had always been a mess. Having to use a rented one was even worse. But regardless of that, I had my own level of freedom by being able to go on where ever I wanted, whenever I wanted. And that was priceless.

The next day I woke up super early to get everything ready for my first day at my new school, Orange Blossom High. I met up with mom and dad for breakfast, ate cereal and bid farewell. Lil’ Timmy was still asleep and since he didn’t start kindergarten till next year, mom didn’t really bother with waking him up early every morning.

I took the rented car, a black four door compact car, on my way to school. I hated driving that thing. It had no sunroof, no leather seats, nor even a cool cd player. I guess the car was only meant to be driven and not truly enjoyed. Besides the fact that it was an ugly box design, it had no style whatsoever. If the girls from my other school would see me in such a mess, I’m pretty they would have stopped talking to me. Heck, they might have had even doubted me as their leader. That isn’t something I am willing to bet on; so this time, I will have to park far away from school so that nobody can see me.

I followed the advice from the GPS navigation system on my IPhone. I parked a few blocks away from the school, so I ended up having to walk for a couple of minutes before getting there. Orange Blossom High was a massive yet beautiful three story building with a red brick facade, adorned by massive white pillars standing still at the front entrance.

The main street was overwhelmed by cars, by students getting dropped off and making their way to their classes, but mostly, it was filled with the cars from the students who had cars like me. For a slight second I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have actually parked closer, but after looking at most of the cars, ranging from BMWs to Mercedes and other imports, that idea quickly sunk deep into the pits of the impossible.

Immediately after having conversed with the attendance clerk, I was introduced to Toni, a geeky girl fashioning a multi-colored diamond patterned sweater, a long black skirt and dark grey clunky boots. Besides her dull attire, she wore a small beautiful smile that went well with her light skinned, freckled face. You could tell right off the bat that she was a sweet kind hearted girl.

Toni walked me all the way to my first class. During our small journey we conversed about many things even though at times it was hard to keep a conversation due to all the noise and ruckus coming from other kids shouting, talking, and banging their lockers. Many of which would roam the hallways, wasting time for no reason other than not wanting to be the first ones in the classroom.

Toni stopped a few steps before reaching out destination to say hi to her friends. She introduced me to them, but I tried to keep a distance. I didn’t really want to be seen with the likes of these, and I didn’t really want to give them false hopes of the possibility for friendship. I simply said hi, waved and waited while she finished conversing with them. Up to that initial point I was uninterested in their conversation until this gorgeous looking boy with long dark hair and deep blue eyes came up to them and greeted them.

I tried not to make it to obvious that there was immediate attraction from my part, but when I opened my mouth everything came out as incoherent sentences. He just smiled, looked me up and down then turned around and left. He just left me there seemingly uninterested. Perhaps he didn’t like the way I dressed, or maybe since he hung around with these geeks he disliked the total opposites: the popular ones.

We said good bye to her friends and walked to the front of my first class, Social Studies. Before she said good bye I asked her who the popular kids where. She let out a few snorts and chuckles and turned around and moved aside as four girls made their way into the room, staring at me down. It was Megan, Rachel, Clare, and Becky; they were the popular girls.

She told me to be careful with those. That even though I would possibly fit in with that group because of how I looked, they were bullies and known for their atrocious attitudes. Toni had no idea that I was one of those. And even though I wasn’t malicious, I was indeed a popular girl back at my previous school. There were just so many ideas or concepts that I could explain to her about the social class system in schools, but that wasn’t the time nor the place.

I went in and made my way up to the teacher’s desk. On the corner of my eye I could see the girls sitting around the gorgeous boy I had previously met. I could see them talking to him, possibly trying to attract his attention, but he seemed totally withdrawn. The bell rang and the teacher got up to introduce me to the class. I turned leftwards and faced the whole class. I saw his eyes roll up and focus on me, making me a bit uneasy.

Knowing that the popular girls would be in my class, I made the best first impression I could ever do. Right after the teacher introduced me, I told them the best of my story. I told them about being one of the most known kids in my previous school from Beverly Hills, a school filled with celebrities. Right after I said all of that I could see his face saddened as if he had different expectations, and that made me feel embarrassed.

My whole school day was filled with thoughts about him and the girls. I had never really been so immediately attracted to any other boy before. Even with so many good looking ones from my previous school, I had never truly felt this way.

At the end of my last class, as I made my way out the exit, I was approached by the popular girls. They asked me to hang out with them that afternoon, to which I quickly accepted, having in mind that I wanted to be the one at the center of that group. We all agreed to meet up at the mall around five.










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