A thick flurry swept in, followed by the hollow, deep, frozen side of the breeze that constantly battered my face. I could see my breath transform into a pale, white and heavy solid. I watched it drift about in front of me as my hands shivered in a painful and uncontrollable manner.

The pain had sunk deep down into the bone, burrowing itself within marrow. It’s effect was an unbearable pain that shot through my upper body. It almost felt like dying. But I didn’t really know that, at least not yet. Perhaps soon enough.

Time kept ticking. It never stopped for anything or anyone. And yet somehow I kept foolishly reasserting myself that I would be the exception. With every tick, my heart beat slower and the pain seemed to die down. But as the pain slowly fell to nonexistence, so did my now sluggish body.

For the first time in my life, I felt weak and worthless. Never had there been a moment as insipid as the one that currently troubled me. Perhaps it was I who was wrong, and the moment presented itself with more possibilities and new opportunities beyond those only comprehensible to my current debilitated mind.

I had lied to myself once more. I was nowhere near having the ability to escape my current condition. I have had so many options. I know, because I studies them so cautiously as the snow kept burying me with its soft, white blanket. But it wasn’t that I couldn’t do anything physically possible. It was more about the fact that I didn’t want to anything about it.

My mind kept regurgitating all of that nonsense of my past. The memories were far beyond more painful to recall than the agonizing bursts of pain my bones were currently exposed to.

The night kept working up the storm like it always did. The cold, now a painful memory, vanished miraculously from my life. As the small, white angels danced flamboyantly in the wind, I managed to reach out and capture them on the palm of my hand.

Like a beautifully orchestrated performance, they danced slowly to my heart beat until finally coming to that last careful execution.


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