Illicit Poetry: Leg Split

I was rimming a chicken,
Tasty fried, finger licking.
Thick, sour sweet gravy,
That’s what she called me, then murmured oh baby.

I didn’t know she could hum,
She did it so well I fell into a spell like a hoodlum.
Just like a crack binge under the sun sweating forties,
Mesmerized about the rump apple pie turkey legs on ma shortie.

She then turned around, and side kick split mid sky like Timmy.
I am not gonna lie, she spit shined the gopher with no jimmy.
She said she was a pro, spit shined like gold,
But the aftermath is reserved for another episode.

I then went to the store for a Mickey,
And forced my finger on the cashier, here lick it!
She said no, I don’t do the sticky just smoke the fro,
But hey, if you want some, just let me know.


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