A Dream

The loud sound of thunder bounced off the walls of the dark, narrow corridor where Luis lay on the ground. He reached to feel his right side, but the pain, increased tenfold with every move. He looked around and couldn’t see anyone approaching him. He felt a slight relief knowing that he had lost them back at the park. For unknown reasons, those hooligans, the school bullies, decided to target him.

He felt like he had been bucked off a bull and gored at his right side, feeling the excruating thumping of the blood increase with the more he thought about it.

Damn it, I’m gonna have to stay here for a good while. I don’t think I can move at all.

Them weasels, they gon’ get it when I get home. I’m a tell John, and he’s will surely have them for lunch tomorrow.


Luis let out a dumb grin as he remembered everything that happened back there. Even though he wasn’t as big as they were, he managed to squeeze a few punches and kick Sam on the chins. Unlike them, he was able to move faster, and execute far more precise moves. It was only until they surrounded him that he lost the advantage. Once Charlie grabbed him from behind, the punches fell in. They managed to get him good, but he chiseled out of his grip and made a run for it.

He was too fast for them, and now he had lost them in the alleys behind the mobile home park, next to the shopping mall.

The thunder kept on, rupturing through the sky, and engulfing the atmosphere with its loud crackle. Luis tried getting up again, but couldn’t, almost feeling as if he would never be able to move. Sitting down on the cold, dirty concrete made him feel even more vulnerable.

What if they find me, that’ll be the end of me? I Need to get up, somehow, oh lord, what am I to do?

He heard the sounds of the bullies calling him out, their voices kept getting closer, and nearer with every second that passed. Luis wiggled his feet trying to get up, but felt as if they had given up on him. He started trembling just thinking that they would find him. He heard them again, this time they sounded like they were just around the corner.

He felt his heart beat wobble and speed up, pounding against his chest like a ticking time bomb. His face felt hot, like a pot coming to a boil. He closed his eyes and prayed, murmuring below his breath.

Oh god…what…

He felt something grab him. He opened his eyes frightened, but as soon as his eyes focused he fell into shock. The light was incredibly bright, making it almost impossible for him to see who it was.

“Get up Luis, it’s time for school.”


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