Lying Fries

I got home and found a broom.

So I used that shit to murder ‘em shrooms.

They ain’t gunna eat themselves,

What are you thinking?

This isn’t a peaceful time like that of Bill Clinton.

By the way, don’t you owe Bill Cosby money?

Is that the reason why you black out and he calls you honey?

Possibly, maybe you’re just a silly bee on a dream,

A dream for the hurt, just like that movie locker…

Made my eyes hurt.

Better yet, let me eat some spaghetti

And rip it like Milli Vanilli

Riding the waves, and ghost whip that b…why?

Cause I got more carbs than Nelly,

Yeah that’s right, that dude from the teli…

And ride like the air force ones,

Stomping on ‘em foos till I’m done.

But then again, question for the pops,

Do you like me better with soda pop

Or am I just delusional, I might be just a cop.

But how would you know cause I make the heat drop,

Below zero, some people might mention me a hero.

Better yet, where is my sundae?

Thought you were home baking fries,

I knew it…you’re all nothing but lies.


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