I felt miserable driving down that empty, pitch black battle torn road that led to her residence. The only thing I could use in my favor was knowing that this had to be done. I was tired and fed up with all her shenanigans. Well, the more I think about it, the more I find myself unable to let her go, so the best I can do is stop thinking about it. But there lies the main problem.

I’ve known her for years, grown to enjoy her sadistic way of torturing me slowly, milking me dry out of everything. Initially I didn’t care for handing over my monies to her. She looked like she needed it back then, but after so much you can only blind yourself so many times. She never needed the money. All she did was waste it all. Every excuse, every tear was just a sad excuse to win me over. She beat me at that game I must admit.

But she can’t win them all. She can play her poker face all she wants, but this must be done. This will be the last time she sees that giant superman s on my forehead: stupid.

I traveled down that forsaken path once more until reaching her home, located in an empty lot. Who would have known that such dreary place would have been so heavenly to me time after time? Now that I think about it, I must have been drugged or something cause this place looks like a shit hole.

I rang the door. Nothing. I knocked and no one came, so I opened the door. She always liked to keep her doors unlocked for unknown reasons. Maybe she didn’t fear anyone walking in on her and robbing her, or maybe she was just that bad ass. I would never really know. I mean, I could come up with so many theories and even imagine possible situations, but the truth is that I didn’t really know.

I opened the door. It creaked. Must have been years it had never been serviced. Almost made me feel like I was visiting a spook house. Almost gave me a chuckle. I proceeded to go inside, the insides were darker than my memories had ever been. A faint light guided me through the living room and into her kitchen. I flicked the light switch. Nothing, just complete darkness.

“Damn it, she must really be in the slums this time.”

“Babe, is that you?”

“Yeah. Hey, I have something to talk to you about.”

“Oh babe, they cut my electricity, and it’s cold now. Let’s talk tomorrow when the sun comes to us.”

Son of a bitch, there she goes convincing me. No I can’t let her, this time it’s for real. I must let her down hard.

“Look…” Her warm, gentle hand slithered down my body, robbing me of all reason. “Okay…”

Damn I really must be a sucker. Here I am driving back home and it’s already six a.m. But how could I let her go, how am I supposed to just forget about those lips, those beautiful perky breast that just lighten up my day. And that body, just rockin’. Naw, I’m just exaggerating, she’s okay after all.


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