My Child

I’ve been watching him since birth, and since then, he has brought tears and laughter. The times his voice grew louder but softer, I knew he was getting stronger. I guided him, showed him the way, but like everything in this life, he wanted to be live on his own. I still watched from above, still gave him advice like the first day he learned to walk.

I held him tight during the nights he cried, during those cold hours of darkness when he felt lonely, even though he had always been around the warmth of family and friends. I watched him so many times as he looked out the window at school, even witnessed his dreams when his eyes wandered lectures in between.

And then, I saw him grow cold and bitter, saw him get caught up in the tragedy of human affairs, but even then I could do nothing for him. I could only guide him and show him the way, but I couldn’t patch his heart for it was broken and torn, shattered and worn.

His tears became rivers and his heart grew colder. His mind faltered and his mentality turned profound. Even so, I hugged him tighter, held him with all my might. I tried, I really tried to do what I could, but I couldn’t change his ways. He was the master of his actions, the artist of his dreams and somewhere in between, but I was the one who he had never seen.

The path was laid out, and it was for him to follow, if wanting, if not, he could always end up the way he did…shallow. But even so, I saw him this day laugh in between dreams as his reverie brought him back to life. Even though it was for a second it still brought happiness into his life, for a mere second he almost forgot, that he was lost and that his path was far from where he stood.

And he drove with his windows up, feeling the intense heat from the sun. I had pushed him to grow in the world, at least another time since he had gotten into a tight hold, and even so he rode away like that, feeling the sun straight into his veins. He bothered not to turn on the fan, for he loved the heat, he loved knowing he had endured, and because he knew, it would one day be for sure, that he would get his wish.

His wish to be happy would come and I would finally rest, for my child had grown, and I, would finally rest.


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