For a moment there, James thought he was losing his mind. He kept scrubbing the stainless steel prep table with the damp cloth. Kept grinding it hard against the stain, but it wouldn’t budge. After a few times, and after he almost gave up his mind warped. He looked down, the lights were off, and only the moonlight reflected upon the lack luster table. Most of it seemed rusted off from years of neglect. Astonished, he looked around only to find an empty space where his job used to be. There were no utensils, no food on the line, not even the shelf where the paperwork got stuffed. He walked towards the register and looked at the empty lobby. It was dark, deserted and all the chairs and tables scattered upside down on the floor. On the walls he could see the dark spots of dried up blood: markings of struggle.

He forced his eyes shut, pressing down hard, enough to cause a slight migrane. He opened them up again and everything was back to normal. Julie was on the register charging the customers, Joe on the line fixing the others with their sandwiches and…
“Hey James, are you whacking out again?” Sophie giggled, brushing slightly against him as she passed by to refill the line with meats and veggies.

What the hell just happened.

He felt odd. His heart beat down heavily against his rib cage and his mouth ran dry. He kept staring at Sophie, she was a small five foot five slender Hispanic girl with an incredible booty. There wasn’t something that troubled him, besides just witnessing that oddity, her neck sported a bar code tattoo right below her hairline. He squinted  as he walked towards her, but as soon as he got close to her it was gone. She turned around and smiled, noticing’s Jame staring at her.

“You look pale James, just like if you had seen a ghost or something!”

“I…” he stammered as he tried to explain what happened to him minutes ago, but couldn’t come up with anything. He walked to the back of the restaurant and sat down on the desk, staring out into wall. He kept trying to think if he was hallucinating or something had really happened there. Since he was a young boy he had been witnessing such moments where he would drift off into another world. But the doctors told him he was just experiencing a form of slight dimensia from the stress.

What stress?

At six years old, he didn’t have much stress. Well, besides the separation of his parents, he really didn’t have anything that would stress him out. For years it had stopped, but now out of the blue it was coming back. Like slight rain, it came back in brief moments of continuity. His mind wavered as he thought about his past, piecing together a puzzled past too complex to figure out. But he had to try. Sooner or later those moments would invade his existence like before, and that was something that he feared for years. He just wanted to live a normal life, yet the one chosen to him by the powers to be was troublesome in all regards.

He thought about a journal he had written at seven, he had written entries for months on how he would dream of being in another world, a parallel dimension it seemed. Months after the initial break he had been wondering off for longer periods of time, even up to half days. When he would come back and wake up, he would feel tired as if he had never even slept at all. His limbs would be overwhelmed with fatigue, his eyes would feel really heavy.

to be continued.


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