I painted you a pretty picture,
Even said I’d still be with you,
But time has been relentless.
It has driven me insane with its mess.

It has shown me a true nature,
Has even shown me of rapture,
Of what it means to have you leashed,
It has even allowed to picture you deceased.

What does it mean to live and die?
What does it mean to soar on high
Despite you always holding me down with your voracious instinct,
Always cursing me, plainly making me sick.

I used to love you in the dark,  contemplating you within shadows,
Extorting my right to believe I could live like any other human being.
But that wasn’t the case,
You loved keeping me with your lies, in a cesspool of pitiful wants to die.

You never cared for me, you’ve never loved.
You just wanted a puppet, one that wouldn’t confront it.
Leave me be the person that speaks,
And not the one you seek,
That lonely soul that once was your freak.


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