Space Love

Give me some time and space
Or simply give me devotion.
Give me what you will but make it now,
Because I have no time for a senseless notion.

Just give and give,
Make me feel alive,
Make me see the light that shines in your heart.

But before you depart,
Give me some sugar…
Give me your lovin’
And make it spicy in that regard.

Grab your ankles and your toes,
Curl them up and ask me for more.
Call me daddy or call me bitter-sweet
And I will keep on with an endless treat.

Call me silly as I slap your face,
Moan in my ear and I’ll stay for days.
Tell me you need me, tell me you care,
Tell me that without me you wouldn’t dare….

Continue in life with grace,
Without your man, who fell from space.
I traveled many worlds for you sweet embrace,
Feel me inside your soul leaving you dazed.

Call me daddy and I’ll call you baby,
Love me daily, just maybe…
Look in my eyes and tell me you’d die
And fly the endless skies.


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