What is change?
It’s a comical exchange of wants,
Of needs and desperately seeking leads.
But I have no regards
For open space and cleaner cars.

Maybe I am just dyslexic and toxic,
Spitting out worse things than verbatim,
Than ill fabricated lies of the elitists.
They say it will be growling during night,
Exchanges of violence just to get through,
Just to find a momentary clarity of flammability
From the rug burns.

Crash unto me deeply,
Let me lick your wounds
And breathe you in as I consume,
Your essence, the fabric of life be your sentence.
Repeat after me, no life, no lie,
No cycle of despise without sacrifice.

Dare to venture into my consciousness,
Into a world of constant nemeses,
Exploiting me, drifting into madness
As I navigate this sea of uncertainty.


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