Oh, dearest friend how have you betrayed me?

How was it that you fell from grace and became displaced

Within the world that you crafted into place?

Save the excuses I just no longer find you amusing.

I cannot bear the sight of your face, it’s just confusing;

That stare I can no longer bare, simply revolting.

Your menacing eyes gave you away,

And that sinister smile left you in dismay,

But worry not of me but of the things to come.

Worry that you may one day find yourself undone.

Worry that the weight of the world will be crushing.

Worry that you might not have what it takes when it comes thrashing

Your flaky existence, throbbing with penitence,

With a dense sorrowful guilty sentence,

Drawing you from your ineptitude,

Leaving you with empty with only a feeling of solitude.


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