The Voices

The voices in my head come and go,
They waver to and fro,
Always speaking up with no reason,
With no regard if I even listen.

Kill, murder and rape,
Bash her head in,
Slash her belly
And let it all sink.

Swim in her blood,
See her body stiffen up,
Then go back in…
And carve up more sin.

These voices simply come and go,
But my actions are forever recorded in gore
As I deal with my memories,
Their souls haunt me in eternity.

Don’t worry about her,
She had it coming.
Isn’t that why she lied,
Just so you could see her die?
Look into her eye and tell me you don’t enjoy
Using her as a toy.

I must admit that I do love the feeling,
Of feeling the power, the energy after a killing.
I can feel their essence when it enters my body,
Even more when my work is all sloppy.

Even the simple thought gets me all jittery,
Fills me with joy and contempt to think of such witchery.
And you haven’t seen the last of me
Cause I will be back to enjoy the time,
Carving up a corpse in endless paradigm.



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