You leave me dumbfounded,
Asking questions to nothing.
I keep to myself but often waver
In between worlds, life and death,
Looking for stars for my cause.
But find nothing.

I craft chaos and order in balance.
I create distortion and senseless commotion
To reach above and beyond,
To teach the useless common ground.
But to no avail.
Everything I create just seems to fail.

Those lips that I once flavored,
Belonged to the world tasteless and wayward.
They only drove me insane, time and time again
With no reasoning behind its meaning,
Senseless, putrid and feigning
For a quick return of vulgar reform.

I entitle thee to nothing,
To false accusations and belittling action
So you can feel the rude awakening
Of my path filled with false deviations
For that constant belligerent consternation
That you have forced me to endure,
And this will be my final revelation.



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