Dream On

Life has become like a dream. Every second of my life seems like a movie playing out while asleep. I even find myself doubting if life is even real. So many things are taking place, too many things if you ask me, all revolving around you. I also find myself questioning as to if I actually did certain things in my life, like making those mistakes that have held me back, the choices that have made me get this far, or the things that have no sense of reason. Some things just happen as if life had no direction whatsoever.

How have I really gotten myself here? I mean, I remember everything for the most part, I just don’t remember the reasoning behind every decision I took. Some times I made huge mistakes, but these seemed as if they were predestined. I didn’t really feel like I had choices, more like one choice and no choice. You can either do something or not do, but even when given that crappy situation, why can’t there be other choices? Why can’t there be more than two?

I keep dreaming that things will get better, but when I open my eyes I realize that it won’t. I see that life is going downhill and taking everyone with it. Should I fight that notion and make something or should I just end up being another statistic? The hardest decision in life is not choosing whether you want to live or not but if it’s even worth it. You place the pros and cons, then choose wisely. Or at least think that you are making that choice.

Possibly the best thing in life is being able to dream, because when the reality of life is at its worst, you know that you can at least imagine and dream of a different realm. Maybe even within those dreams you find choices and answers to things you never understood fully awake. Dream on, life is too dull not to.


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