Money Dream

I feel like a killer mindset,
My gun is drawn and it’s pointing somewhere.
I blink for a second and the whole scenario changes.
Life ain’t easy…life is a mirage of flashy marketing.
But besides that,
Life is imperfect.

We meet, greet and exchange.
The lasers point at the shadows,
Looking for silhouettes,
But only find empty spaces.

I never liked Mr. Yakuza guy here,
He always seemed too much like a block.
I took my axe,
Showed my unskilled tree chopping technique
To the limited world.
Now, to find the diamonds.

I found a neat spot to a trick door.
Found cheap jewelry and possibly more.
Still skeptical about the millions I kept going.
The tiles on the floor held more than what they supposed,
Held my fortune
From this old score.


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