I used to like playing outside,
Used to enjoy the weather and the stars.
Now I sit on my desk,
Staring at the blank empty space,
Hoping for a better life.
But we all know that’s a lie.

Remember those days,
They used to be set ablaze
By our imaginations
Like a mental catenation,
A beautiful stream of our galactic constellations
Inside my head with a positive inclination.

But now things have changed,
We are brought down by the deranged…
Capitalistic views of society that is constantly plagued
By hate, by discrimination and all things that obliterate
Keeping us insane, constrained and unwilling to educate.

So now I sit in front of my desk,
Wondering what I could have been
If I had stepped outside, maybe I would have tried,
And then, they couldn’t have contained me inside.

And… like a great ill I shall metastasize.


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